Personal Injury Lawyer White Plains, NY

After you have been involved in an accident that might have left you with injuries, you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer such as the ones available to you Greenspan & Greenspan PC to talk about filing your claim. This is typically a very simple process to begin, but there are some details I can get confused about as your claim progresses and your personal injury lawyer is going to be there for you.

However if you’ve never dealt with personal injury law before then you might only know several myths that are associated with personal injury lawsuit processes and that might frighten you. You can talk to your personal injury lawyer about any myths you aren’t sure whether they are true or not, and they will be able to debunk these maps and help you understand the truth.

The first thing we are addressing is that many people believe personal injury lawsuits can take years to complete and therefore these types of lawsuits are not worth pursuing because they take so long to see a settlement from. This is not true, however there is a lot of paperwork that you and your personal injury lawyer have to deal with and a lot of waiting to hear the final results of the claim. But if everything is done correctly and goes smoothly and is filed by the deadlines involved, your case should be over in a few months.

There are some claims they can take a very long time to resolve but it is your personal injury lawyer’s job to gather important details and ensure that the case goes to court as soon as possible. If you think your personal injury lawyer is lacking, talk to them about it and let them know.

Another popular myth is that insurance will not pay. After all your injuries have medical bills, and your personal injury lawyer has to be paid in all of the costs that are associated with filing the claim can be scary to think about. After an accident when you talk to your insurance company to discuss the details of the accident and what happened, you will also talk to a personal injury lawyer to find out if you should talk to the other party’s company. Oftentimes one insurance company is going to cover the cost of the claim that you are filing or they will pay the remaining portion after you pay a deductible that is on your policy.

Another common myth is that the responsible person is going to pay for everything, this is not true. Some people have reservations regarding filing a claim in general because they do not think they will get money from the settlement because the person you are suing may not have the money to pay. However you need to understand that the person you are suing has an insurance company that will more than often pay the settlement amount, which means the person you pursued will have higher monthly payments and premiums to make up for the company having to pay out an amount of money.