Surgical Errors Related to Pregnancy

The day you welcome your little bundle of joy into the world should be one of the most amazing days of your life. To help ensure that both you and your baby remain healthy, you should receive a series of antenatal tests at the proper times during your term of pregnancy. Plus, birth and delivery should always be overseen and conducted by the appropriate medical professionals.

Errors Can Lead to Life-Altering Injuries

Expectant mothers place medical care for themselves and their babies in the hands of numerous healthcare providers. If the right attention isn’t given—or if there are mistakes or negligence—then it may be very traumatizing for both mom and baby. In some cases, it may lead to a lifetime of health problems for the injured mother or child.

Some of the more common childbirth errors can include:

  • Oxygen loss due to a tangled umbilical cord.
  • Failure to recognize fetal distress (the baby is starved for oxygen)
  • Failure to diagnose a mother’s health condition during pregnancy that could affect the birth
  • Failure to order a Caesarean section when one was needed
  • Surgical errors from Caesarean section
  • Negligence or incompetence on the part of a doctor or medical professional
  • Careless use of instruments such as forceps or a vacuum extractor
  • Failure to anticipate complications due to baby size

If you or your infant have suffered harm or injury as a result of surgical errors related to pregnancy or delivery, you may want to reach out to a medical malpractice attorney for help. Doctors and hospitals rarely admit that something went wrong or that mistakes were made. Maybe you’ve been told that “it happens,” or “it’s a normal birth-related risk.” In reality, it may have been the doctor or hospital’s negligence that has caused your unhappy circumstances.

An injured baby may require extensive and long-term care that you and your family never expected. Or, perhaps you’ll need special equipment or treatment to help your child live a functional life. However, that may amount to a great deal of time commitment and expense that were also unexpected.

A Medical Malpractice Lawyer May Help to Rectify the Situation

A medical malpractice lawsuit may be just one more thing to think about, but making a claim for compensation with the right attorney can go a long way toward making life a lot easier. If you believe a mistake has been made by a medical professional at any point during pregnancy or during the birth, then you might be entitled to pursue a claim. A medical malpractice attorney will be able to tell you in short order whether or not they think you have a case.

Many law firms that focus on medical malpractice have special teams that deal with birth injury cases. They have both the knowledge and the experience to investigate your situation thoroughly. If negligence has occurred, they can help to get you the compensation you deserve.

While compensation can’t make up for the harm or injury you or your baby has experienced, it may help to alleviate some of the stress and worry. Schedule a consultation with an attorney to find out further details.