When you notify, or a lawyer notifies them on behalf of you, that you intend on filing a claim, your case will be assigned an individual adjuster. The adjuster’s job is to resolve your claim in a timely manner, and as for the least amount of money possible. Claims adjusters are often rewarded for their performance through incentives and bonuses. In other words, their end of their year bonus, or even promotion, could largely depend on their ability to settle a claim for less, this may include your own case. Due to the adjustor’s tactics, and often experience, it is recommended you have a personal injury lawyer on your side. 

What You Should Know About the Insurance Adjuster

The Insurance Adjustor Is Not Your Friend

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company. They have a duty to turn a profit for the company and protect the party who caused your harm. You should beware of their friendliness and sympathetic support. They might tell you not to worry, and that they will handle everything so you don’t need a personal injury lawyer. If your case is straightforward and includes minor injuries or damages, you might not need a personal injury lawyer. Anything complicated or severe should be handled by a qualified personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. 

Sometimes an adjuster might ask you to provide them with a recorded statement. If you agree, and are not prepared for this conversation, there is a good chance you will be lured into saying things that could be used against you. As a personal injury lawyer, we would advise you against giving any recorded statement because it is too easy to be manipulated by the insurance adjustor. To better understand this, please call a law firm.

The Insurance Company May Deny Your Claim

Regardless of your claims’ merit, it may be denied. This is one of the best strategies to deter a claimant. The reason for this is that the adjustor is hoping you will let your claim go and move on. You might hear things like:

  • You are at fault for what happened
  • There is no evidence that proves what happened
  • A previous injury is the cause of your current injury
  • You didn’t report the injury
  • The alleged negligent party didn’t do anything wrong

These are common statements and should not discourage you. Insurance adjusters can say practically anything to get you to agree to what they want to give you, or drop your case all together. If you are being told things that are not right, please call a personal injury lawyer.

You May Be Offered a Very Low Settlement

If your claim was not denied, you might be offered a settlement that is worth very little and likely won’t cover even a small percentage of your losses. The adjustor might tell you:

  • It’s the best they can offer you for what happened
  • It’s a fair deal
  • It is in your best interest to accept it
  • Anything more is beyond their authority to offer

They hope you will be discouraged and accept the offer. If you sound desperate or angry, you give the adjustor an advantage. You should do your best to stay calm, reject the offer, and call a personal injury lawyer in Canoga Park, CA, such as from Unidos Legales, to find out what you should do now.